Saturday, April 30, 2011

RubisArtNMore - Always Handmade From Simple to Chic

Long Necklace 27" in Green Porcelain Beads and Bronzed Focal Round Metal Bead
Rubi Javier, the designer and owner behind the scenes at RubisArtNMore's Etsy shop is truly passionate about handmade. That much is clearly evident from the beautiful pieces of art and jewelry she sells in her shop. Taker her earrings for example, many of the findings, such as the ear wires and jump rings are handmade by Rubi rather than being store bought. She truly likes to put herself in her pieces and feels that handcrafting as much of each item as possible is the best way for her to do that.

Rose & Lavender Handmade Roses Earstuds
One of my favorite items from her shop are the hand-sculpted polymer clay rose earrings. There are no molds used in the making of these beautiful and delicate works of art. Rubi litereally leaves her "imprint" on each and every piece, because if you look closely, you will realize that the texture on each leaf is actually her fingerprints! What an awesome way for an artist to sign her work! I love that she creates these earrings in many different styles, sizes and colors. As I look at them I can easily imagine her sitting in her studio and lovingly forming each petal so that, just as in nature, no two roses are exactly alike!
Four Swirls and Blue Drop Fashion earrings
RubisArtNMore carries a wide variety of jewelry to suit many different styles and occasions. Do you need a simple understated piece to go with eveningwear? She has it! Or maybe you are looking for a bold necklace to add some style to your daytime workwear - she has that too! Even if you don't see the exact item you're looking for, Rubi encourages and delights in custom orders! She truly wants her customers to be pleased with each and every piece they purchase and likes to foster good communication throughout each custom order!

Handpainted Veggie Tiles -  2" x 2" tumbled marble
Jewelry isn't the only medium that Rubi uses to express herself - she has also added some of her original paintings to her shop! She offers them on both canvas and on tumbled marble coasters. The grape set would be a beautiful addition to a Tuscan themed kitchen! She also takes custom commissions for backsplashes and tile murals!

Tamarind Queen All-Natural Bite-Size Chewey Candies 50 pieces
If neither the jewelry or the paintings strike your fancy - and how could they not? - she also carries jewelry supplies (you can find MUCH more of these in her sister shop, RubisArtAndMore) and edible treats! One way or another, you will certainly find something fabulous in RubisArtNMore!

Can't get enough of Rubi and her fantastic talents? For a preview of her amazing items, check out the Featured Etsy Shop page, then you can also find her on Facebook! If you have any questions or custom order requests, feel free to send her a convo from her shop page on Etsy!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stitch Knit - Creating Art With Yarn!

American Girl Doll Sweater
I have rarely seen variety in an Etsy shop like I found in StitchKnit's shop! You will find everything from doll clothing to socks to little girls' dresses and lots of thing in between! Her items are made using different crafting techniques that include knitting, crocheting and sewing.

Knit Mitts with Flower Motifs

Sue Williams, the very talented and sweet designer and creator behind StitchKnit's fabulous items has this to say about her crafting and Etsy experience:

"I opened an Etsy account a few years ago but never put anything in the shop, as I was too busy caring for my mom. The thought of doing something with my creations was always simmering away in the back of my mind. And, occasionally, someone else would tell me I should share my things somehow. When my mom got back on her feet, and I had some extra time, I jumped in the deep end and opened on Dec 26, 2010 with a handful of items that I had used in displays in our little town for advertising the knitting & crochet classes I was teaching for the parks & rec department.

Because the items were samples of techniques, they were all over the map. Scarves, shawls, baby clothing, hats and purses. I have gravitated towards toddler and baby items as I've added more things to the shop. I mention on my profile my addiction to ruffles, ribbons, lace and bows - I add them to almost everything! I'm thinking that this must be because there were no little girls anywhere in our family, just lots of boys! Apparently, I never got my fill of frilly, ruffly girly things!

Cabled Cowl Neck Warmer

I try very hard to make sure all of my items are beautiful, well made, and at the same time useful. For example, I just don't see the point in making baby items that aren't washable!

I have had a home business for decades; designing clothes & costumes and altering almost anything. This just seems to fit with my Etsy shop. I get to work full time at home with all sorts of things I love. I can't imagine anything more fun and less like work!"

I  can personally attest to the quality and beauty of the carefully handcrafted items in StitchKnit's shop. I own one of her American Girl doll sweaters and it is truly amazing! The workmanship is top-notch and as a knitter myself, I know just how much time and love went into making such a tiny little work of art! Sue absolutely loves to create custom items for her customers and is an excellent communicator, so you will always know exactly what she will be creating for you!
Oh Baby Booties In Pink

Make sure you stop by StitchKnit's Etsy shop and check out her many treasures! You can also find her on Handmade Spark, her blog, or follow her on Twitter @StitchKnit! You can also email her at For a preview of the fabulous items you will find in her shop, be sure to check out the Featured Etsy Shop page!

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bibs'N'Bobs - Giving Fabric A Fashionable New Life!

handy little zipper pouch
The first thing I notice when I visit BibsNBobs is all of the wonderful fabric! There are so many colors and patterns being used in the most fabulous sorts of ways! Johanna, the creator and owner behind the scenes of BibsNBobs has professed a great love for fabric and finds herself collecting it for her creations! She draws inspiration from the fabric she chooses and she loves to watch it take form, whether it turns into a pair of cute baby trousers, a fabulous appliqued bib or one of her newest additions - a fabulously functional and stylish pouch!
baby trousers robot OOAK

Johanna, a mother of 2 little ones, sees Etsy as a place to let her creative voice be heard and she enjoys imagining her items finding new homes while she's creating them. You can see the caring side of her personality in her adorable and fun baby clothing. The clothing, such as the reversible pants, also speak to her practical side because when baby drops a meatball on one side, you can slip them off and turn them inside out for a perfectly clean pair - genius!! If you look at her pouches, which are her latest addition to the shop, you will see that she also has a fun and fashionable side! The ruffles on some of the pouches also hint at a bit of girliness!!!
handy little zipper pouch with ruffle OOAK

All of the items in BibsNBobs shop are top quality items that are made with the utmost care and attention to detail. I personally own one of her great pairs of baby pants and they are my favorite item of clothing for my little girl! Her bibs would make a fabulous baby shower gift for any little one and the pouches have so many uses that you could give them to virtually anyone and they will quickly find a good use for them!

If you like what you see here of the fabulous items from BibsNBobs, be sure to check out her Etsy shop for even more great treasures!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kidalia Designs - Where Jewelry Is One Of A Kind Art!

Polymer clay bead earrings Hypoallergenic purple and pink
My first impression of KidialiaDesign's Etsy shop was, "oooh, ahhh! Look at all the pretties!" There is so much color and variety in her shop that each item drew my eye and had me wanting! There are earrings made of stone, polymer clay, glass and crystals and even some made of tulle that are the most adorable tutus for your ears!

Tommie Sanders, the artist and creator behind has this to say about her creations: "I would describe my jewelry as fun, colorful, affordable, and most importantly Art. The pieces I make are made to be a fashion accessory, but fashion is Art. Everything I make is a part of me, and what is most important to me is that the jewelry I make is unique, and one of a kind. I would like my customers to know that by purchasing a piece of jewelry from me, they are purchasing a one of a kind piece that no one else will ever be able to buy. They will always be the only one with that exact pair of earrings, or necklace, bracelet ...etc. Beads may be similar, but they are never exactly alike, especially those that are handmade or pulled from the earth. I love using my handmade polymer clay beads, and stone beads for that very reason."
Drops of Jupiter wire wrapped polymer clay earrings
The passion she has for her art is plain to see in the way she describes what she does. Each time you put on one of her pieces, you will be wearing a unique piece of art that came directly from an artist's inspiration!

In Kidalia Design's shop you will also come across her amazing fine art photography. The photography became such a passion that she opened up a seperate shop specifically to showcase her photography, you can find it at TommieSPhoto. Here you will find some truly beautiful and inspired images that would look amazing on any wall!
Signed 5x7 Tunnel Nostalgia Giclee Print by Tommie Sanders
So, if you are looking for a one of a kind gift that will truly be appreciated by the recipient or you just want to treat yourself to something extra special, take a look at KidaliaDesign's Etsy shop and I'm sure that at least one thing will catch your eye - if not everything! You can also find KidaliaDesigns on Facebook and Flickr! You can also find TommieSPhoto on Facebook, Twitter and her Website!

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