Product Reviews

Mmmmm, Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium is definitely one of my favorite Etsy shops! I've had the privelege to try some of their awesome products for myself and I want to share my opinions with you! Why? Because I'm important and so is what I think! :) Here we go!

CioccolatoThis is the Cioccolato soap! Doesn't it look fabulous? Well it smells even better! You know when you walk into Starbucks and you just hace to stop for a moment and take a deep breath becaus it smells sooooo good? I find myself picking up this bar of soap (even when I'm not bathing!) just to get a whiff of it's warm mocha! When I do finally stop sniffing it to actually wash with it, I am not dissappointed! It has some coffee grounds in it which very gently exfoliate without being harsh on my skin and it doesn't dry out my skin either, which, when you live in South Dakota is very important!!! Don't worry, it won't leave you smelling like a donut shop either! Once you've dried off there is a light cocoa-butter like scent that is clean and yummy smelling at the same time!
Mint Chocolate SoapWhen I got my Cioccolao Soap, they had also thrown in a sample bar of their Mint Chocolate Soap! Little did they know, it is one of my favorite fragrances ever! The scent of this soap is truly like an Andes mint - that's really the only way to describe it! You can smell both the cool refreshing mint aroma and just a little more subtly is a rich chocolate smell! Of all of the soaps that I have ever purchased, this is the one that tempted me to eat it most! The funny thing is that I could have! It's made using cocoa and actual peppermint oil! Of course, I don't ever recommend eating soap, but what you do is your decision! When you use this soap, it has a rich, creamy lather and the peppermint gives a slight cooling sensation to the skin that I love! I give this one an A+ :)

Bathhouse Couture SoapThis one is the fragrance that Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium is famous for - it's the Bathhouse Couture. The scent of this one is a little more on the traditional side and smells nothing like food! It has a gentle floral fragrance (without being flowery - yuck!) but also has a faint perfume-like quality. The fragrance has a feminine quality without being too girly! This is the perfect soap for someone who doesn't like a lot of heavy fragrance but still wants to smell nice! If your husband mistakenly uses it while he's in the shower, chances are that he'll even enjoy the scent as it has a wide appeal!

Mud and Tea Tree Acne Prone SoapThis is the soap that I was most skeptical about. It is the Mud and Tea Tree Acne Prone Soap. Now I am officially in love! I have used so many products on my skin over the years - you name it, I've probably used it! With my very first cleansing, the first thing I noticed was the rich lather. I know that a soap doesn't HAVE to lather in order to clean, but that's the way I prefer mine! I also was impressed that it didn't irritate my skin at all. I have pretty bad acne and most of the washes I have used can burn at least a little, but this soap was so gentle! After I rinsed it off I immediately noticed that I didn't have the urge to coat my face with moisturizer that I usually do. With most cleansers, they are so drying that it's all I can do not to run to my moisturizer! I think I could have even skipped that step, but I like to have a good coating of SPF on my face, so I never do. I also noticed, after the first use that the texture of my skin was immediately improved. I had always heard claims of this but I always wondered what that meant, now I know! My skin was much smoother and the appearance of my pores was noticeably decreased! I hate the blackheads on my nose and to my eyes, they are huge and very visible, but after using this, they looked better right away! After about 3 days of using this soap, the blemishes that were currently plaguing me were drying up and definitely reduced in size! After 2 weeks my? No, but nothing can fix my hormones and I will always have problems with my skin, but I can say, without a doubt, that this is the best my skin has looked in years! Thank you Char!!!!!!!!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ you can see here, I have a slight addiction to both Rose's Rotifera and her BiologyRose shops! I cannot say enough how wonderful of an Etsian she is to work with. She is a very warm and friendly person and when you are her customer you feel you are important because she truly does value your business that much!

These button ponies are so much fun! I find myself wearing them almost everyday as a way to dress up a plain old pony tail! I have the rainbow ones which are so much fun and then the lace over black are a little dressier. They are all very high quality and I know that I don't have to worry about them falling apart or having any other issues! I will most definitely be buying some more of these in the future! I received them very quickly and they were very thoughfully packaged with some awesome freebies!!!
Button Ponies- Set of Two- Neon Rainbow ONLY 1 SET AVAILABLEButton Ponies- Set of Two- Peace and JoyButton Ponies- Set of Two- Lace over BlackButton Ponies- Set of Two- Funky Daisies and Print in Red and Pink

The button clippies are so sweet! They are the perfect addition to an updo and I love them! The colors on this set are very feminine and are dressy enough that I can wear them with just about anything. They are perfect for keeping the stray lock of hair perfectly in place!
Pink and Blue Vintage Flowers Button Clippies- Set of Four

I'm sad to say that I somebody got to the fabulous green armwarmers before me, but I did manage to snag this awesome purse! It was upcycled from a green wool sweater and this is one of my favorite posessions! I can't tell you how many times I have been complimented on this! The cute little pink roses on the front were handmade by Rose and add an awesome touch to this bag! If she were to make this bag in 6 colors I would have 6 purses, that's how much I love it!!!!!!!!
ON SALE Green and Pink Felted Wool Tote Purse with Wool Flowers lined with vintage fabric.  OOAK

These adorable armwarmers are upcycled from a wool sweater! I love how they go all the way up my arms so that I can still be cozy when working at my computer even if I'm in a t-shirt! They are soft and the color is gorgeous! The color is a truly beautiful shade of lavender and I really love these! The only problem I have with them is keeping them away from my 4 year old who enjoys using them for dress up as legwarmers!
Pink Fingerless Gloves Gauntlets Ribbon Embellished  Merino Wool