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The Weekend Spotlight - Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium

Mud and Minerals
Mud and Minerals Soap
It's the weekend again!! You know what that means right?? Well, it means that we will once again be featuring a fantastic Etsy shop! This week's feature is from the aromalicious (yes, I did just make that up!) Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium that sells some truly fantastic bath and body products! And how do I know they're fantastic? I've tried them that's how!!! If you want to know exactly what I thought of their products, check out my review!

Once you're done reading my incredibly insightful interview (HA!) you really MUST go enter this week's  GIVEAWAY, which is sponsored by the lovely Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium!!

Now for the interview...

1. What, exactly, is a caldarium anyway?
The definition of "caldarium" is a hot bath in a Roman bathhouse but I love the word so much it's our "kitchen". Our "caldarium" is located in our boutique behind our retail space and that is where we make all of our products fresh daily.

2. Which soap or fragrance is you personal favorite?
My personal favorite is our "Bathhouse Couture" fragrance. It's not what you think traditional, handmade bath & body products would smell like. It's for the modern person who loves handmade. It's a draw of fresh fruits, white florals, and sweet caramel. It can not be described it words. It's a fragrance that you just HAVE to smell.
Cookie Dough
Cookie Dough soap -yummy!
3. Your Goat's Milk Body Glaze fragrances sound amazing - have you ever made a real stinker of a fragrance?
Oh yes...I've made soap for 13 years so in that time I've made a stinker or two. I've made many that I personally don't care for but are true to the fragrance they represent, many of them being great sellers for me. One that stands out in particular is a "dill pickle" scented soap. I made wedding favors for a customer who's last name was changing to "Dill" and she requested dill soap as wedding favors for 300 guests. It took about 6 months to de-funk my workshop!

4.With soap fragrances like Peanut Butter N' Jelly, Cookie Dough and Root Beer, do you ever get hungry while making soap?
Totally! To the point that I am opening a cupcake boutique right next door to Bathhouse Soapery! Our biggest comment when customers come into our store is that they wish they could eat the now they can get satisfaction from cupcakes that match our soap names. I do get to live out some of my cravings through our veggie lip balms though!

If so, what is your snack of choice while you're working? Ha! I love this question... I typically don't eat in the caldarium because I will end up eating soap! You would think soap making is a clean process but it's not.  Before I made soap in my own desginated shop I would make it in my kitchen and my kids would always yell out things like "Mom, my milk taste like soap!" or "Dang it Mom, my spaghetti tastes like soap!".

Milk mineral bath
5. Which of your products is your favorite to help relax after a stressful day?
My favorite relaxation concotion is our "Sleep" Mineral Bath mixed with our "Milk" Mineral Bath. The scent is like a lavender milkshake that leaves you oh-so-soft and super relaxed. I just throw a handful in a warm bath and soak. It helps my achy muscle and joints while giving the water a luscious smell.

6. I see that you mention a "drydown" scent - what is that?
It's when the topnotes and midnotes evaporate and lead the fragrance into the endnotes that settle on the skin to form the intended fragrance. All fragrances change with one's skin and they will transform during the dry down.
 5 oz. Foaming Body Scrubs
Foaming Body Scrub
7. Have you ever tasted, or been tempted to taste any of your soaps? If so, which one and how did it taste? Absolutely because the smells are so dead on! Personally, I've tongued our Oatmeal Foaming Body Scrub because the process is so close to making a delectable dessert. I start out whipping the soap in a Kitchen Aid mixer, I then add a pinch of cane sugar, a few cups of colloidial oatmeal, a dollop of shea butter, and my own fragrance blend of cream cheese frosting, buttercream, and real vanilla bean. There was an almost a full-blown makeout session with "Cookie Dough" soap because it smells like cookie dough heating up in a warm oven. I even tell customers that they shouldn't be ashamed if they taste their purchases; the smells play tricks with your mind!

8. Mac or PC?
I'm a newely converted iPad and iPhone user so I'm gravitating towards Mac but up to this point I've only had a PC because I buy off the bargain rack!

 Skeleton Krew no.0039 Black Masquerade PRINT

9. What other crafting style/genre are you most amazed/impressed/intimidated by?
I love photography and if I didn't make soap I would absolutely persue that venture more. I like old photographs turned into mixed media. One of my favorite artists is I own many of Leila Marvel's Skeleton Krew prints. I enjoy gravestone rubbing and old ephemera. On the opposite end I can't get enough 20s, 30s, and 40s style pinup art. My cupcake boutique in will be called "Fat Bottomed Girl's Cupcake Boutique". It will be styled after the pinup era that I love surrounding myself with!

Goat Milk Sprayable Lotion - Pick Your Fragrance // FREE SHIPPING
10. If you were limited to being able to have only one of your products, personally, which one couldn't you live without?
Aside from soap because that is my true obsession it would be my Goat's Milk Body Mist. Not only is it fabulous for quick lotion application and full body fragrance it's so versatile for general purpose uses. It works as an air freshener, leave in hair conditioner, facial moisturizer, and car freshener.

11. How is your bath and body boutique unique from others?
My goal for Bathhouse is to give our customers a truly unique experience. When a customer orders one of our Foaming Body Scrubs in store, online, or over the phone they are freshly hand-dipped from the body scrub bar my husband built by hand. Our soaps are cut fresh from the raw loaf by the slice. We even hand-scoop our mineral baths fresh out of the jar when ordered. Because bathtime is the only time in your day that you are truly alone, I strive to make essentials that maximize the quality of that time.

Like I said...I've tried their producs and I can attest to the quality! If you want to see a more detailed review of the products I've tried, check out my Product Reviews!

Also, be sure not to miss out on the fabulous GIVEAWAY sponsored by Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium - and the prize is a fabulous Milk Bath kit valued at $30!!!!!!!!

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Follower Friday WITH A GIVEAWAY!

And WE'RE DOING IT AGAIN! Please see the bottom of today's post for the deets! But first for some of the amazing talent from my fabulous followers!!!
Streamertail Hummingbird
This Streamtail Hummingbird Dictionary Page Art Pring by PrintsByFormedByFire is very cool! I love the bright colors of the bird and the vintage feel of the print!
SALE- 2 pcs. Alice in Wonderland Drink Me Bottle Pendant Charm, Purple, DRINK ME
This Alice In Wonderland "Drink Me" Charm from Studio11Charms is so cool! This could be made into some seriously cool jewelry!

Retro Romance digital Valentine page
I know it's not Valentine's Day, but I really like this Retro Romance digital Valentine collage sheet from rochepapierciseaux. This would make some really great tags or cards!
Spring Wreath with birds nest, Pastel fabric and Yarn with flowers
This pastel Spring Wreath with birds nest from sweetalyssa is so bright and beautiful! This would be beautiful hanging from a vanity mirror!!

This week, thanks to the fabulously wonderful Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium, we're having another giveaway! SWEET! And the prizes this week are fantastic! Char, of Bathhouse, has generously offered up 3 fabulous items for this weeks giveaway, they are a 5oz "Milk" Foaming Body Scrub (this is how the "Milk" scent is described: Milk - Sugar a bit of pink sugars, cotton candy, fresh citrus, and a milky finish. This is very feminine and innocent. - uhhhh, yummy anyone?), the matching "Milk" Mineral Bath salts and a bar of their Goats Milk Smoothie Soap - this is over a $30 value!!! I have tried their products and I can tell you for certain that they are of the best quality! So here's how you get your entries this week...

1.) If you are not a follower of this blog, please do so! If you are already following me, thank you, let me know that too!

2.) Favorite Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium on Etsy

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Please leave a seperate comment for each entry and make sure at least one of them has an email address so that I can let you know that you've won!! Woo-hoo! This giveaway will end Thursday June 2nd at midnight and the winner will be announced right here next Friday!

This giveaway is NOW CLOSED!!! The winner from this week was Roni (BeadsByRoni) Congratulations!!!!! Be sure to see this Friday's post for another fab giveaway! :)

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The Color Of The Day Is Aubergine!!!!

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Discount/Discontinued--Hand Painted Soft Washable Worsted -- Aubergine
Ooooh, yummy! I love yarn! This little bundle of handmade goodness from SeeJayneKnitYarns is making me drool! What's better than gorgeous yarn? Uh - gorgeous yarn on sale!!!

hand dyed silk ribbon in aubergine
Would you just look at this divine hand-dyed silk ribbon from crystl j. silk? That color is so deep and rich! This ribbon would look beautiful on so many projects, my mind is reeling wtih the possibilities!!!

Wedding Shoes painted Orchids victorian aubergine peep toe platforms
Aubergine. Shoes. Need I say more? YES! Because these lovely kicks have been hand painted by norakaren with this beautiful orchid design! Makes me wish I had a place to wear fancy shoes!

Cut Out Can't Wait to be Your Wife Card Aubergine or White
Awwwww, that's so sweet! I love all of the cards from Storeyshop, but the color of this one really makes it special! 

Aubergine- 8x12 Fine Art Print
I love, love, love this gorgeous photo from Erin La Rue Photography! I'm not sure what it is about this photo - other than that gorgeous aubergine flower! - that speaks to me, but it really does!

Handmade Knit Hat - Pixie Hat in Aubergine
I totally want this cute little knit pixie hat from pixiebell! I think it would keep my ears nice and toasty as well as fashionable! :)

Aubergine Ruffled Silk Carina Bolero
Ummm...WOW? This ruffled silk Carina Bolero by bonzie is amazing! I just want to touch it soooo bad! I can only hope to ever own something that gorgeous! *swoon!*

Okay, I seriously had, like, 15 other things in this gorgeous color that I wanted to post today, but I will spare you and stop there!!! Do you have a beautiful, but obscure color that you love or is this now your favorite color? See you all tomorrow!

Ther's still time to enter the GIVEAWAY!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Me, Me, Me Mondays!

It's that time again...time for MEEEEEE! I've been adding to my favorites on Etsy all week and I wanted to share with you a few of my fabulous finds!

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two tiny nuts...
Holy cow...I almost died of cuteness overload when I saw these two mice from fantiny!!!!! I love how they have so much character to them and that they are small enough to fit in that shell! I also had to crack up at what fantiny put in the description - "two tiny a mouse shell!" I have always wanted to learn needle felting and this just makes me want it more!

Double Pair Lace Wrist Cuffs
I love the feminine detail on these lovely lace wrist cuffs by Scarletrabbit. Not only are they beautiful, but it's actually two pairs of cuffs that you can wear individually or as a layered set for 3 totally different looks! Aren't they beautiful?

Pumpkin Musse - elastic felt headband in navy n orange - for newborn, little girls n women
Okay...I know that part of the reason I have this as one of my favorites is because of that beautiful baby, but I still totally love the Pumpkin Musse felt headband from PrettyPlush! Those colors really pop and look so cute!

Garden inspired summer flower headband
I am extremely impressed with the quality of work from detailsbykarlita! I own one of her clips that was a custom order that she had finished within an hour or me ordering it and it is AWESOME! I've basically hearted everything in her shop, but I'm especially taken with this garden inspired Summer flower headband, aren't the colors beautiful?

That was fun! I'll be back next week with some more goodies from my "favorites bin"!

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The Weekend Spotlight - BiologyRose & Rotifera

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ROY G BIV- Little Fun Rainbow Clutch- The Color Spectrum  Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
This weekend's feature comes from a very ambitious crafter! She has not one, but two very successful Etsy shops! On top of that, she has two small children and is a full time teacher (which is basically like being a super hero if you ask me!!) Her first shop, BiologyRose is focused on upcycling the good things that Rose finds "here and there" and making them in to fabulous things! Her second shop, Rotifera is chockfull of bright and wonderful things for your hair! The best part is that they are perfect for kids or adults! I, personally, own more than one item from each of her shops and I can attest to the quality of all of her items! Without further ado, here is the fun and funny interview that that I had with Rose!

*Note: My commentary is in green - I couldn't help myself!

Button Ponies- Set of Two- Pink and Green Butterflies on White Skies...

1.) Where did the name Rotifera come from and what does it mean? Same question for BiologyRose?              
     I guess I should start with BiologyRose. I teach HS Biology and Chemistry, and am a HUGE geek. I'm talking "challenge you to Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit every time you come over" geek. Geeksta Superstar. So I knew I wanted some sort of geekiness represented in my name of the first shop I opened. When I opened my second shop, I wanted some type of connection with Biology--- I chose the phylum Rotifera-- which means "wheel bearing" in latin. These little invertebrates are super cool, and all my offerings in this Rotifera's shop are round...... see.... I told you I was a geek.
      -I love Trivial Pursuit! I even have the new version!

2.) Mac or PC?
    PC. It is of the phyla dinosaura. Seriously. Think 1998. With a new monitor. I will keep taking it apart and fixing it until it is as obsolete as an IBM Commodore.
3.)Do you have any hidden or secret talents?
    Hidden talents..... hmmmmmmm.... I can keep a room full of teenagers engaged for 45 minutes. I deserve a Fields Medal.
    -That is some serious talent! I can't even keep my 4 year old engaged for 5 minutes!

4.) Which of your items gives your the most satisfaction/joy to make?
      I really LOVE to upcycle wool items. That is pure joy to me. Chopping up sweaters that no one loved and turning them into something fashionable and warm and toasty makes my chakras hummmmmmmmmmmmm....
       Messenger Bag Purse--"This Used to be A Sweater"---- Upcycled Cashmere Cotton and Wool Bag with Cotton Liner  and Appliqued Wool Circles  Coral Peach and Gray Grey

5.) What is the worst job you've ever had?
      The worst job ever would have to be a Jail Deputy. There is no room for creativity in cagekicking. :)
      -That so goes against everything I know about you, I never would have guessed!

6.) If you could only have one book for the rest of your life, what book would it be and why?
     No brainer. Pride and Prejudice. Better yet, Colin Firth and I would read to each other.
     -Speaking of books, one of the latest creations to come out of BiologyRose are these AWESOME bookcovers!!!!
Upcycled Book Cover-- Trade Paperback  Aqua Blue Grapics on Cream Canvas with Green Houndstooth Lining

7.) I am totally amazed, impressed an awed by your Rick Rack Roses and Peonies. When did the inspiration for these strike?
       These were really a funny story. I found this old 1920's book that showed the women wearing them in their hair and on their lapels. I knew I had to try and make one. I've been perfecting them ever since, and each one is a little bit of handsewn fun!
1920's Inspired Rick Rack Peony- Pastel You choose- Headband, clippie, barrette, Ponytail or Pin/Brooch

8.) Do you have a place and/or time that is your "magic" place/time for coming up with new designs or ideas?
     I squeeze in magic time/idea time every minute I can spare. Being a mom of two boys, a full time teacher, and a total spaz doesn't leave much time, but I find it where I can!! Little snippets here and there.. But watch out world-- Summer is almost here!!!!!!!!!

9.) What is your favorite item, past or present that you've created for each shop?
      I'd have to say that a cowl made from orange sweaters is my favorite. I will cry when someone buys it....Wool Orange Gray Double Breasted Cowl Unisex Warm Fashion Tube Scarf
 10.) I see that you like to upcycle and repurpose items for your BiologyRose shop, where do you find your 2nd hand goodness?
      I find stuff EVERYWHERE! I love to go to thrift stores, vintage shops, antique stores, craft stores, my friend's closets... there is no place I won't search! I'm like a textile picker! (I love that tall lanky guy on that show... mmmmmmmm...)
      -For those of you that aren't geeks like us, she's talking about this guy from American Pickers (a show on The History Channel!)
11.) I've heard you describe yourself as a "geek", what is the geekiest thing about you?
      The geekiest thing about me....I think it would be easier to pick the non-geekiest thing.... but I guess the geekiest thing is my adoration of all insects. Not Arachnids, mind you. Just the little six legged buggers.  Especially Caddis Flies. They are too cool for school. -okay...ewwwww! I love you Rose, but bugs.are.gross.

12.) Give me 3 words that you feel describe you best.
       Fun, Frantic, and Sarcastic

13.) Just because I get a kick out of it, please list as many of the nicknames your fellow Etsians have for you!
       rotipoo, biopoo, rotirose, rotten, rottenpoo, biorose... I think that's it!
       - she is totally forgetting some! Like rotro, rosie-o and her FAVORITE!!! The Evil Temptress! 

Be sure to check out my review of all of the awesome items I've purchased from Rose's shops!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Follower Friday - WITH A GIVEAWAY!!!!!

ScrubMeStylish Cotton Handmade Spiral Dish Scrubbies -  Yowza
Okay, since Fun Friday was a total bust, this Friday will be the start of Follower Friday in which I will feature items of several of my followers AND I will be giving away some free SCHTUFF! Woooot! This week's giveaway will be for a $20 shopping spree in my shop!!!!! You can choose anything you want up to $20!!!

So after you're done checking out the awesomeness I found in the shops of my AMAZING followers, please continue reading for the contest entry rules and instructions! :)

Swarovski Crystal Brunette Harajuku Girl Bib Necklace
This funky Swarovski Crystal Brunette Harajuku Girl Bib Necklace from glamourpusscouture is bright and fun I can hardly stand it! This would look so cute with a simple tank top this summer!

Doll and Me Woven Headbands Pink and Brown
Not only are these Dolly and Me Woven Headbands from punkynmunky in my favorite color combo, they are insanely cute! I think my daughter would absolutely swoon!

Vintage French Picot Rayon Taffeta Ribbon
This fabulous vintage French Picot Rayon Tafetta Ribbon from DistoriatedQuilter makes me feel inspired! I absolutely love the almost Victorian feel of it!

Custom Infant Car Seat Cover Pink Moda REPLACEMENT Cover Exact Fit
This custom car seat cover from SmileySeats is the perfect solution to your old, worn-out, stained car seat!!

And no, without further ado, here is the giveaway info! There are a few very simple ways to enter and here they are...

1.) Like me on Facebook HERE

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3.) If you are not already following this blog, do so now! If you are, give me a wink for another entry!

4.) Follow me by email!!

5.) Tell me which of the item's from this week's Follower Friday shops is your fave!

6.) Heart my shop or add me to your circle HERE

7.) Post this giveaway on your Facebook or Twitter account!


The winner of the $20 store credit to PiperBellaBoutique is ElfRenee!!! Congratulations!

Thankful Thursday!

I can't believe that it's already time for my 2nd installment of Thankful Thursday! As always, I had sooooo much to be thankful for that I had to pare it down to a few or we would be here all day! So here they are!

I am so thankful for fountain Pepsi! Especially that first fabulous drink when it's at it's fizziest and causes your eyes to water and your throat to burn a little on the way down! I love how incredibly refreshing it is and how happy it makes me!

I am also thankful for washable markers because without them my children would look like walking art exhibits! Why is it that whether they are coloring for 30 seconds or two hours they manage to get it up both arms, all over they're hands, on their clothes AND on their face! I swear I've watched my daughter coloring and I have yet to notice her playing nunchucks with her markers or dancing around with them, so HOW does it get everywhere? The world may never know, but as long as it washes off I'll be thankful for that!

pattern by Jana Pihota
Then there is - if you are a knitter or crocheter and you have never checked out this site - you need to do so, post haste!!! It is an incredible community of designers and artists of the yarn persuasion. There are over 200,000 patterns of which at least half are free!!!! If you are looking for a pattern for something - Ravelry is the place to do it! Check out this picture of a hat I recently knitted from a Ravelry pattern - this isn't MY hat, but mine is just like it only a pale lavender!

And how about a round of applause for toothpaste? What did the world do without it? I mean, we've all brushed our teeth with just water, or even baking soda, in a pinch, but nothing gives you that clean, fresh feeling like some good 'ole toothpaste! Especially after waking up in the morning with "furry" teeth. Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about! Especially after a big fountain Pepsi and falling asleep without brushing! :)

Finally, and most importantly this week, I'm thankful for Oprah! Well...maybe not her personally, but her show! I just happened to be watching an episode the other day and there was a tragic story about a little 2 yr old girl that I'm no going to get too detailed about because it's far too sad for me right now. But the mother wanted to pass a message on to other moms that find themselves going too quickly through the day trying to be super mom and get everything done. That message is "SLOW DOWN!" Take a moment to truly appreciate what a blessing our children are! Live in THIS MOMENT, right now because this moment is all that we have. We have no guarantee for tomorrow so truly be present, every second of your life! There was also a snippet of an interview with Toni Morrison and she was talking about children also. She was talking about how her son had once brought her a drawing he had done and showed it to her and when she commented on it, he proceeded to rip it up right in front of her. When she asked why he was doing that he replied, "because I saw that smile on your face." All of us mothers know that know the dismissive half smile accompanied by an, "oh, that's nice!" While you may think that you are showing your children love by feeding them, clothing them and making sure they get to soccer practice, it's the little moments that you take to truly pay attention to them, when they're showing you a picture or asking you a question that truly make them FEEL loved. People may not remember what yo do or say, but they will always remember how you made them feel and this is especially true for children. I don't mean to get too preachy or dramatic, but this one hit home for me and it hurt because I am so guilty of being critical and dismissive of my children. So, next time your child walks into the room, put down the book, computer, remote or phone and rather than looking at them and wondering if they've brushed their teeth or combed their hair or are behaving, just be joyful for their presence and enjoy the moment. God bless!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainbow Love!

I love all the colors of the rainbow together, so I decided to find an Etsy rainbow for your viewing pleasure! View the rainbow!

Rose's Roses red lampwork beaded dangle pierced earrings
Embroidered Bunny for Baby, Shower, Gift, Easter Basket ORANGE Washcloth or Boo-boo
Janis's Summertime Yellow--Jersey Upcycled Flower Brooch/Alligator Clip
Mystery Lake-Summer tile handmade Original design by Wisconsin ceramic watercolor artist
Blue Leaves Whirlpool ACEO Print (Other Print Options Available)
Midnight Blue Gem
Small Night Owl Pillow

Now wasn't that tasty? :D

Talk To Me Tuesdays!

I really love to connect with people and I loooooove comments, so I'm going to try to get some answers to some questions from my faithful followers on Tuesdays! I'm really hoping that you guys will want to participate and this can become a weekly thing! I'm certainly not a serious person, so I don't envision these questions to be very thought-provoking, but I hope that at the very least they will be fun!! Today I will start off with 3 questions and I really hope that you will leave a comment with your answers so we can all laugh at each other! Without further they are:

Rainbow M&M Candy Key Chain

1.) When it comes to M&M's, which is king - plain, peanut, almond, peanut butter, pretzel or dark?
           I, personally think that the pretzel M&Ms are an abominiation - have you tried those things? YUCK! I really didn't think you could screw up chocolate and pretzels, but they have managed it! I'm gonna have to go with peanut butter on this one, it was close between them and the almond, but the marriage between pb and chocolate wins every time!

You Are My Sunshine French 9x12 Typographic Print

2.) What word do you absolutely love?
          There's no way that I can choose my favorite word, because I have so many, so I'm just going to go with the one that came to mind first... Which was "worchestershire". It's not so much that I really love this word as I love hearing people try to say it! I know that sounds mean, but even within my own family there are several ways that this is pronounced! Where I'm from, in the midwest, it's mostly smooshed all together and comes out (wors-Teh-shur) :)

Cassette Tape iPhone Cozy

3.) What kind of music really gets your creative juices flowing?
       I definitely like something with a beat and the Black Eyed Peas can usually be found playing on my Ipod when I'm in "production mode" for my Etsy shop! If I'm in an artistic mood, then it's usually something like Imogen Heap - I LOVE her music!

So please, please, please leave me some comment love on this one because I'm genuinely interested in hearing your answers to these questions! :) God bless and peace out!