Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

I can't believe that it's already time for my 2nd installment of Thankful Thursday! As always, I had sooooo much to be thankful for that I had to pare it down to a few or we would be here all day! So here they are!

I am so thankful for fountain Pepsi! Especially that first fabulous drink when it's at it's fizziest and causes your eyes to water and your throat to burn a little on the way down! I love how incredibly refreshing it is and how happy it makes me!

I am also thankful for washable markers because without them my children would look like walking art exhibits! Why is it that whether they are coloring for 30 seconds or two hours they manage to get it up both arms, all over they're hands, on their clothes AND on their face! I swear I've watched my daughter coloring and I have yet to notice her playing nunchucks with her markers or dancing around with them, so HOW does it get everywhere? The world may never know, but as long as it washes off I'll be thankful for that!

pattern by Jana Pihota
Then there is - if you are a knitter or crocheter and you have never checked out this site - you need to do so, post haste!!! It is an incredible community of designers and artists of the yarn persuasion. There are over 200,000 patterns of which at least half are free!!!! If you are looking for a pattern for something - Ravelry is the place to do it! Check out this picture of a hat I recently knitted from a Ravelry pattern - this isn't MY hat, but mine is just like it only a pale lavender!

And how about a round of applause for toothpaste? What did the world do without it? I mean, we've all brushed our teeth with just water, or even baking soda, in a pinch, but nothing gives you that clean, fresh feeling like some good 'ole toothpaste! Especially after waking up in the morning with "furry" teeth. Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about! Especially after a big fountain Pepsi and falling asleep without brushing! :)

Finally, and most importantly this week, I'm thankful for Oprah! Well...maybe not her personally, but her show! I just happened to be watching an episode the other day and there was a tragic story about a little 2 yr old girl that I'm no going to get too detailed about because it's far too sad for me right now. But the mother wanted to pass a message on to other moms that find themselves going too quickly through the day trying to be super mom and get everything done. That message is "SLOW DOWN!" Take a moment to truly appreciate what a blessing our children are! Live in THIS MOMENT, right now because this moment is all that we have. We have no guarantee for tomorrow so truly be present, every second of your life! There was also a snippet of an interview with Toni Morrison and she was talking about children also. She was talking about how her son had once brought her a drawing he had done and showed it to her and when she commented on it, he proceeded to rip it up right in front of her. When she asked why he was doing that he replied, "because I saw that smile on your face." All of us mothers know that know the dismissive half smile accompanied by an, "oh, that's nice!" While you may think that you are showing your children love by feeding them, clothing them and making sure they get to soccer practice, it's the little moments that you take to truly pay attention to them, when they're showing you a picture or asking you a question that truly make them FEEL loved. People may not remember what yo do or say, but they will always remember how you made them feel and this is especially true for children. I don't mean to get too preachy or dramatic, but this one hit home for me and it hurt because I am so guilty of being critical and dismissive of my children. So, next time your child walks into the room, put down the book, computer, remote or phone and rather than looking at them and wondering if they've brushed their teeth or combed their hair or are behaving, just be joyful for their presence and enjoy the moment. God bless!


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