Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Weekend Spotlight - BiologyRose & Rotifera

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ROY G BIV- Little Fun Rainbow Clutch- The Color Spectrum  Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
This weekend's feature comes from a very ambitious crafter! She has not one, but two very successful Etsy shops! On top of that, she has two small children and is a full time teacher (which is basically like being a super hero if you ask me!!) Her first shop, BiologyRose is focused on upcycling the good things that Rose finds "here and there" and making them in to fabulous things! Her second shop, Rotifera is chockfull of bright and wonderful things for your hair! The best part is that they are perfect for kids or adults! I, personally, own more than one item from each of her shops and I can attest to the quality of all of her items! Without further ado, here is the fun and funny interview that that I had with Rose!

*Note: My commentary is in green - I couldn't help myself!

Button Ponies- Set of Two- Pink and Green Butterflies on White Skies...

1.) Where did the name Rotifera come from and what does it mean? Same question for BiologyRose?              
     I guess I should start with BiologyRose. I teach HS Biology and Chemistry, and am a HUGE geek. I'm talking "challenge you to Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit every time you come over" geek. Geeksta Superstar. So I knew I wanted some sort of geekiness represented in my name of the first shop I opened. When I opened my second shop, I wanted some type of connection with Biology--- I chose the phylum Rotifera-- which means "wheel bearing" in latin. These little invertebrates are super cool, and all my offerings in this Rotifera's shop are round...... see.... I told you I was a geek.
      -I love Trivial Pursuit! I even have the new version!

2.) Mac or PC?
    PC. It is of the phyla dinosaura. Seriously. Think 1998. With a new monitor. I will keep taking it apart and fixing it until it is as obsolete as an IBM Commodore.
3.)Do you have any hidden or secret talents?
    Hidden talents..... hmmmmmmm.... I can keep a room full of teenagers engaged for 45 minutes. I deserve a Fields Medal.
    -That is some serious talent! I can't even keep my 4 year old engaged for 5 minutes!

4.) Which of your items gives your the most satisfaction/joy to make?
      I really LOVE to upcycle wool items. That is pure joy to me. Chopping up sweaters that no one loved and turning them into something fashionable and warm and toasty makes my chakras hummmmmmmmmmmmm....
       Messenger Bag Purse--"This Used to be A Sweater"---- Upcycled Cashmere Cotton and Wool Bag with Cotton Liner  and Appliqued Wool Circles  Coral Peach and Gray Grey

5.) What is the worst job you've ever had?
      The worst job ever would have to be a Jail Deputy. There is no room for creativity in cagekicking. :)
      -That so goes against everything I know about you, I never would have guessed!

6.) If you could only have one book for the rest of your life, what book would it be and why?
     No brainer. Pride and Prejudice. Better yet, Colin Firth and I would read to each other.
     -Speaking of books, one of the latest creations to come out of BiologyRose are these AWESOME bookcovers!!!!
Upcycled Book Cover-- Trade Paperback  Aqua Blue Grapics on Cream Canvas with Green Houndstooth Lining

7.) I am totally amazed, impressed an awed by your Rick Rack Roses and Peonies. When did the inspiration for these strike?
       These were really a funny story. I found this old 1920's book that showed the women wearing them in their hair and on their lapels. I knew I had to try and make one. I've been perfecting them ever since, and each one is a little bit of handsewn fun!
1920's Inspired Rick Rack Peony- Pastel You choose- Headband, clippie, barrette, Ponytail or Pin/Brooch

8.) Do you have a place and/or time that is your "magic" place/time for coming up with new designs or ideas?
     I squeeze in magic time/idea time every minute I can spare. Being a mom of two boys, a full time teacher, and a total spaz doesn't leave much time, but I find it where I can!! Little snippets here and there.. But watch out world-- Summer is almost here!!!!!!!!!

9.) What is your favorite item, past or present that you've created for each shop?
      I'd have to say that a cowl made from orange sweaters is my favorite. I will cry when someone buys it....Wool Orange Gray Double Breasted Cowl Unisex Warm Fashion Tube Scarf
 10.) I see that you like to upcycle and repurpose items for your BiologyRose shop, where do you find your 2nd hand goodness?
      I find stuff EVERYWHERE! I love to go to thrift stores, vintage shops, antique stores, craft stores, my friend's closets... there is no place I won't search! I'm like a textile picker! (I love that tall lanky guy on that show... mmmmmmmm...)
      -For those of you that aren't geeks like us, she's talking about this guy from American Pickers (a show on The History Channel!)
11.) I've heard you describe yourself as a "geek", what is the geekiest thing about you?
      The geekiest thing about me....I think it would be easier to pick the non-geekiest thing.... but I guess the geekiest thing is my adoration of all insects. Not Arachnids, mind you. Just the little six legged buggers.  Especially Caddis Flies. They are too cool for school. -okay...ewwwww! I love you Rose, but bugs.are.gross.

12.) Give me 3 words that you feel describe you best.
       Fun, Frantic, and Sarcastic

13.) Just because I get a kick out of it, please list as many of the nicknames your fellow Etsians have for you!
       rotipoo, biopoo, rotirose, rotten, rottenpoo, biorose... I think that's it!
       - she is totally forgetting some! Like rotro, rosie-o and her FAVORITE!!! The Evil Temptress! 

Be sure to check out my review of all of the awesome items I've purchased from Rose's shops!!!!


Lou said...

Super talent !! love this re-view , very entertaining!
I shop at BiologyRose and Rotifera too. This lady has the energy of all of her students combined!!

jeri said...

Rose Rocks like a Rock Star! I especially love that she likes insects but not arachnids (speaking as a former Park Ranger and Bug Safari leader who has had to explain the difference many, many times...!)!!!

Rose said...


Thanks so much for featuring my shops!!!!

I had a ton of fun answering the interview questions!

And that photo of my tall drink of water is FABULOUS!

Rose said...

I can't say thank you enough!

I'm commenting twice just because I can now!!!!!!



Kat said...

I giggled most of the way thru this interview! Since she came into Paradise really only a short while back, Rose has been loved by all. (Seems like she has been there forever, like me!)

Her energy and quirky ways are SOOO CONTAGIOUS!!! I love you girl! ♥

PS. Lindsey, your side comments were just as hilarious. Great interview! :)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What a fun feature :) It was like overhearing a couple of friends out to lunch :)

Anonymous said...


creativeseconds said...

Hello! I'm following you now & I hearted your shop too
~ By the way, I love Rose all of her creations in her two shops! ~ great choice for a feature artist.

Barbara said...

Great interview! I laughed as I always do on the team forum. Rose is a delight and a super talent. There is another nickname, "biorot" but I am proud to call her "my friend"!

Melissa at said...

Lovely interview! I love learning more about other artists. :) Her work is beautiful. And I LOVE American Pickers!


~The Bargain Babe said...

Those mice are super cute!

Anonymous said...

Following blog as Designs By Kini and Twitter as designsbykini1. Love the scrubbies!

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