Saturday, February 19, 2011

Julie Hanan Design - You Only Get One First Impression

One look at Julie Hanan Design's Etsy shop and you will know what quality, unique and fresh invitations look like! Julie creates beautiful invitations for any event and also offers smart solutions for your business! Julie graduated from the University of Illinois in 2007 with a BFA in Industrial Design. This degree afforded her the necessary tools to be able to skillfully nd professionally create amazing custom invitations that could double as art!
DEPOSIT -- Unique Hawaiian Pocketfold Shower Invitation
Her first wedding invitations were created in 2009 as a favor to some friends that were getting married. This venture proved to be, not only successful, but very enjoyable for Julie. Word quickly got around about the wonderful work that she did and she was soon making a career out of her hobby. Her love of her work is evident in the pieces she creates. Here is what Julie has to say about her work:

" I treat my work as a collaboration with the client. My hands may put the product together; but the style, look and feel reflect your ideas and influence. After all, you have only one opportunity to set the stage for your day to offer your guests a vision of your unique celebration. With so many amazing paper and embellishment options, it only makes sense to create an introduction that is truly customized. My goal is to work as a team to create the perfect tone and theme for your event. It should be special, memorable and give your guests something to look forward to."
Modern and Unique Custom Photo Table Number
If you are looking for invitations or programs for your event, be sure to check out Julie Hanan Designs for your event needs. For a preview of the beautiful, custom invitations you will find in her shop, check out the Featured Etsy Shop page. For more details and information, you can go directly to her Etsy shop! You can also find her on Facebook & Twitter! If you want even more of Julie and her art, be sure to follow her blog and her website!

Also check out My Favorite Things page for a look at some of my favorite items from this week! You can also stop by my shop, Piper Bella Boutique!


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