Friday, March 18, 2011

This N That Boutique 19 - Cuteness For Sale!

Minnie Mouse Hat
The very first thing that you will notice when you visit ThisNThatBoutique19's Etsy shop is the sweet smiles and chubby cheeks of some truly adorable little babies! Soon after you will notice some of the cutest and sweetest hats and hair bows that you have ever seen! This shop is chock full of incredible accessories to dress up your little angel!

My personal favorite has to be the Minnie Mouse hat with it's little pink bow placed jauntily over one ear - who wouldn't look cute in that hat? ThisNThatBoutique19 also carries hats for the little man in your life which include an awesome little dinosaur and a football helmet!

You can also find some very high quality korker bows in this shop. Korker bows are made by attaching curls of ribbon to a clip and the end result reminds me of a firecracker of cuteness!! I had to have one of these for my little girl and it looks absolutely adorable in her hair! You can even request these bows to match any outfit or team colors for your little sports fan!
Minnie Mouse Korker Bow

ThisNThatBoutique19 is run by twin sisters Meaghen and Melissa. They started by creating bows and hats for their own sweet little children and enjoyed it so much that they decided to make a business out of it! It is obvious by the quality of their work that they love what they do and create each piece as if it would be worn by their own children.

Anything from their shop would be the perfect addition to an Easter basket or as a birthday gift! So be sure to check out ThisNThatBoutique19's Etsy shop! For a preview of the sweet items you will find in their shop,  be sure to check out our Featured Etsy Shop page!

Also check out My Favorite Things page for a look at some of my favorite items from this week! You can also stop by my shop, Piper Bella Boutique!


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