Saturday, March 26, 2011

Artlife - Where Humor And Art Become One!

100 percent geek glasses pin-back button (badge) - UNPACKAGED
When I first entered Artlife's Etsy shop, the first thing I knew for a fact was that the artist definitely had a sense of humor! That was immediately evident from looking at the "fun-tastic" messages she was sending with her badges. Things like, "My night job is ninja," and "100 percent geek." These are just a couple of examples of the whimsical and giggle-inducing sayings you will find on her fun and funky pinback buttons.

Ellen, the creator and artist behind Artlife, had this to say about her craft; "Since I can remember, I've always been involved in some form of art; be it painting, drawing, photography, jewelry-making, dance, poetry or graphic design. Over the years, the mediums have changed, but ART has always been a central part of my life. Therfore, when I opened my shop ARTLIFE on Etsy in 2006, the name “art life” seemed to fit perfectly.
Mountains out of Molehills pin-back button (badge) - UNPACKAGED

At ARTLIFE I sell Pinback Buttons (also called Badges) and Fridge Magnets which I design, print, and press myself. At one point in my life I was a Graphic Designer so all of the computer design skills I used for that are coming into play every time I design a button. I'm really loving the “button” as art form and am never at a loss for new button ideas. It is so fun when I do craft fairs to talk about button ideas with people. The idea for a new button in my shop “What Exit? New Jersey Map” came from an artist I met at a show who had grown up in New Jersey. He told me "What Exit?" is a common question that all folks from New Jersey ask each other when they meet as the state is so long and skinny and everyone lives off an exit on the New Jersey Turnpike! I love that my buttons are out there starting conversations and hopefully making people smile and take life a little less seriously.

So ARTLIFE is all about the fun and joy of life and wearing a small piece of art with a funny saying or a cool pop culture reference that hopefully makes life a little more enjoyable! It is also about random encounters and getting the conversation flowing ---- maybe if you are wearing a button of mine, you will end up talking to someone who you wouldn't have normally talked to because they commented on the button you are wearing!!! Who knows, that person might change your life!!"

Ask me about my knitting pin-back button (badge) - UNPACKAGED
This craft and artform are clearly a passion for Ellen, as is sharing that art with the world! So if you are having one of those days where you are feeling fun, or you feel the need to bring a smile to a stranger's face - just pin on one of these mini pieces of art and you are sure to leave a trail of happiness wherever you go!

Be sure to check out the Featured Etsy Shop page for a preview of the gems you will find in Artlife's Etsy shop! You can also "like" Artlife on Facebook or follow her on Twitter!

Also check out My Favorite Things page for a look at some of my favorite items from this week! You can also stop by my shop, Piper Bella Boutique!


Annemarie's Breiblog said...

Hi! I found your blog through the Etsy-team (Simple Promotion) we're both part of. I'm your newest follower!
Best wishes,

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